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Making Community Family

Lightwave is a Christian community. We have fun, support each other and try to put our faith to work in practical care for friends, neighbours and the most needy in our society. 

We like to think of our young people being a significant generation now, not just in the future. 

Lightwave is active in rural Suffolk. Lightwave is inclusive for the whole community.


Helping Hands Cafe

Practical support and provision available through the food bank, debt management and work support, Kick Start program, and signposting 


Children and Youth

Creating safe and sociable spaces for children and youth in rural villages through the youth café, after school clubs and summer holiday fun. Duke of Edinburgh volunteer opportunities.


Lightwave Cafe

A cosy and welcoming space where everyone is valued and every voice is heard. Children's play area. Drop in or stay for a chat. You'll find breakfast, lunch or a snack and it all comes with good company. 

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